How does work Web Site Maintenance Service Work?
Well there are lots of things which are needed to be done in order to keep the website up to date. These work can be big changes or can be small work like change of an image or maybe date. Now not every day you will have time to do these changes or it may take a lot of effort for you to do the change. If you employee a full time webmaster for your website maintenance work then it is too costly affair. Therefore it is best to use services such as web site maintenance ones which is effective and cost effective.
Do We Need To Have Yearly Contract With You?
That is the beauty of getting our services that there is no yearly contracts. You can take our services on monthly basis.
What Would We Need To Provide You?
In order for us to work on your website maintenance we would need to have access to it. So we would need either the FTP username and password or access of the hosting control panel. If your website is on any CMS like WordPress or Magneto then we would need to have access of those admin controls so that we can make the changes and keep the site updated. Once we finish doing the work you can change the passwords anytime.
Will Single Person Work On My Website?
We assign your work ticket to a support team member and he/she is made incharge of the work. We try and make sure that same person continues to work on all your tickets and work so that they work goes on smoothly. But in case we do need to change the person then also you donot need to worry as we make sure you donot face any problems in the working. Everything is taken care at our end.